Erongo and Omusati Regional Visits, 23rd July-1st August 2018

Erongo and Omusati Regional Visits, 23rd July-1st August 2018

Pic1. Erongo Region GBVPU

In an effort to strengthen the Regain Trust and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung’s understanding of the Regional diversities and contexts of the regions, regional visits were convened in the Erongo and Omusati Regions. The visits where conducted with the following objectives in mind; To establish and gain an understanding of the key service providers and stakeholders in the Regions ,to gain regional perspectives and insights on GBV and LP across the regions ,to identify current strengths, gaps and weaknesses in prevention and protection services ,to identify the best placement of Regain Trust Social Workers ,to introduce the Survivors, Speak Up project and to establish areas of collaboration

Key stakeholders who were visited during the regional visits were as follows; Gender Based Violence Protection Units (GBVPU’s), Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Regional Offices, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Namibia Planned Parenthood Association (NAPPA), Society for Family Health (SFH), Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) and the Regional Councils.

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