Public Dialogue Forum

Join the discussion on healthy gender relations, with the following guiding questions in mind:

  1. Often, people equate the topic of Gender with Women Empowerment. How can we shift this narrative? How are men and boys shaped by Gender?
  2. What are the social factors that influence masculinities in Namibia? How are these expressed in day-to-day societal life of the Boy Child?
  3. What should the upliftment of the Namibian Boy Child look like in your opinion?
  4. What roles does the generational gap play in raising boys?
  5. What should the male responsibility in Namibia look like in our fight towards Gender Equality?
  6. Is there a link between women empowerment and men empowerment? Or are they the separate? More importantly, can the two empowerments coexist in Namibia?
  7. Should the feminist movement to dismantle patriarchy directly threaten men and boys in Namibia?
  8. what platforms currently exist in Namibia that address the Boy Child? How can the audience engage these platforms?